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Everything we do is built around helping you create a secure retirement, save on taxes, and enjoy lifetime income.

Safe Retirement Planning

The biggest fear most seniors have is the fear of running out of money in retirement.

That is why Frank is a firm believer in the four-bucket system to help mitigate retirement risk and create more security and income. We can help you create a retirement plan that properly allocates to each bucket and helps you enjoy more peace of mind, more security, and more income that you will not outlive.

Liquidity Bucket

This bucket is where you would have money kept aside for emergencies, because emergencies will happen and usually at the most inopportune time. Therefore, you never want a short term emergency to derail your long term goals.

Long-Term Bucket

This is where you want to grow your money to keep up with inflation, which is also known as the "silent killer of wealth." As an easy example, 30 years ago, a $20 bill might buy a cart full of groceries, whereas today it might barely buy two items.

Income Bucket

This is where you would get your income that will last for the rest of your life, like Social Security, a Pension, or an Annuity. Today less than 20% of the population has a pension, so we create our own through using the guarantees of highly-rated insurance products.

Legacy Bucket

This is what you want to leave for the next generation. For pennies on the dollar you could leave money for your beneficiaries,  income and estate tax free, and essentially give yourself a permission slip to spend because your beneficiaries are cared for.

Tax Planning

We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options. Our tax professionals focus on mastering the nuances of tax law, complex tax codes and staying up-to-date on changes that will affect your tax returns throughout the year. Planning is the key to valuable tax savings and we want to help you plan for greater income by implementing tax savings strategies throughout the year that will benefit you all year long. Our clients pay the least amount of taxes allowable by law because we help them look for ways to minimize their tax burden.

Tax Problem Resolution

You’ve got a friend in the tax business. Let us be your go-to for any tax resolution needs you may have. From IRS wage garnishment protection to helping you get “Innocent Spouse” protection, we have the experience you need. Our clients rarely have to do more than forward us an IRS Notification of Audit Letter-should one arrive. As part of our expert tax preparation services, we take on the IRS for you. We handle the paperwork, the questions, the scrutiny, and the intimidation factor while you go on about your business as usual.


Small Business Services

Your business’ profitability and operational efficiency are at the center of your business’ success! Our experience, resources, and attention to detail make our accounting services second-to-none. As an experienced accounting team, we look forward to the opportunity to help transform your business’ financials as we work with you to establish short- and long-term strategies for growth and profitability. We can help with "part-time CFO" services, business exit and succession planning, strategic business coaching, and more.

Financial Planning

Our accounting CPA firm specializes in financial planning with solutions tailored to meet your specific financial goals. We proudly serve our local South Florida community in Broward County and beyond with Retirement plans for small businesses, Profit Sharing and 401(k) plan documents, Qualified retirement plans (SEP, SIMPLE 401(k), Profit Sharing, IRA, etc.), Safe Retirement Solutions, Legacy Planning, Employee benefit plans, College savings planning, and Business exit strategies.

Estate & Trust Planning

We remove the uncertainty and provide you the confidence that your estate is protected and will be administered according to your wishes. At our CPA firm we are personally committed to helping you navigate the financial and sometimes emotional components of Estate and Trust Planning, charitable giving, and more. Estate gifting options are also available.

Guarantees in insurance products are backed solely by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. 

Not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration, IRS, or any government agency. 

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