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Frank has dedicated himself to protecting his family of clients and helping provide them with a wonderful retirement lifestyle. When you work with Frank Gutta, you will become part of his family.


"I’ve been proud to call Frank an authorized representative of Tarkenton Financial for more than a decade. I’ve seen his integrity and his commitment to educating clients on their options, something to which we are deeply committed. If you’re seeking a sound retirement strategy, I believe Frank’s experience and knowledge may be a great asset to you. His work embodies our philosophy at Tarkenton Financial that the mission of business is to help people.”

- Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer & Founder of Tarkenton Financial


Frank Gutta, CPA, PFS

Member AIPCA
CPA and Personal Financial Specialist

Frank Gutta is a nationally-known and highly-respected Certified Public Accountant and Personal Financial Specialist, one of fewer than 6,000 professionals to hold the prestigious PFS designation.

Based in Florida, Frank helps his clients across the United States safely achieve financial success, reduce their taxes, invest wisely and prepare for a long, happy and prosperous retirement. With more than 35 years of experience, Frank Gutta has developed deep expertise in the use of safe investment strategies and innovative insurance solutions to help his clients enjoy true financial peace of mind.

Frank is the author of two popular books, Your Safe Retirement Roadmap and Must-Know Tax Tips for Small Businesses.

Frank has been married for almost four decades to his wonderful wife Feroza and is the proud father of two adult children, Sofia and Shaun. Frank recently became a grandfather when his son and daughter-in-law had a baby boy and then his daughter and son-in-law had a baby girl! Frank is a high-energy person who loves sports and is a long-time Miami Dolphins fan.

Passionate about helping his clients retire in a secure way, Frank views his clients as family members and many of them have worked with him for more than 35 years. At the same time, Frank is always adding new clients in every age group and every type of profession.

Reach out to Frank for a free, no obligation review of your finances, your investments, your taxes, and your insurance. Frank  looks forward to helping you save a tremendous amount of money, invest safely and wisely, and then to enjoy the retirement of your dreams!

Client Success Stories

Frank Gutta & Co. CPA’s, P.A. makes a $27,800 difference by “attending to the details.”

J.S., a foreign national who worked for an international company, had her taxes prepared by one of the largest international CPA firms. She worked overseas and migrated to the U.S. in 2010. On the tax deadline, she got an email from the firm saying that she owed $26,000 in taxes. Obviously shocked, she sought a second opinion from our firm. We offered to review her returns and found they had erroneously included her foreign income while she was a non-resident of the U.S., therefore, she was not liable to pay U.S. tax on her foreign income. This resulted in a refund of $1,800 instead of a $26,000 liability. She was absolutely delighted. There were basic questions that her former international well-known CPA firm did not think of asking. They just assumed that the money was taxable.

Frank Gutta & Co. CPA’s, P.A. secures a woman and children’s financial future

One of our clients referred a lady who needed help planning her retirement. She was a schoolteacher whose late husband had always handled their financial affairs when he was alive. The first things that we discussed were her goals and objectives. She told us that she was retiring in six months. She wanted to travel a lot, now that she was alone. She wanted to spend time with her grandkids. She wanted to pay off her son’s mortgage, and not worry about money. She also wanted some asset protection and did not want to be involved in the ups and downs of the stock market. She also did not want to burden her kids to have to take care of her if she became ill or disabled, and wanted to leave some money for her kids when she passes on. We reviewed her portfolio. Most of what she had was in bonds and money market funds with very low returns. Next we did an analysis of her cash flow needs by going through her expenses and income. We also prepared a balance sheet to get a picture of what she owned and owed. We were able to accomplish all her goals in a safe secure way, provide her with long-term care benefit if needed, it and an extra $1500/month above what she needed, while leaving enough cash liquidity in case of an emergency. A few weeks later she called us up and told us that she feels secure knowing that she is getting her checks every month for the rest of her life without having to worry about market volatility. That is the type of thing we do for people that are concerned about running out of money or who don't want to risk their retirement security in the stock market.

Frank Gutta & Co. CPA’s, P.A. saves a widow $175,000 in taxes she did not owe!

A lady moved to our area from Connecticut after selling her business. She had a firm in Boca prepare her tax return. They told her that she owed about $175,000 in capital gains tax. She was referred to us by one of our clients for a second opinion. We reviewed her tax return and it appeared to be accurate. However, after we started asking her questions, she told us that her husband who passed away last year had started the business 30 years ago - this was the clue. When somebody dies, they get a step up in basis. Meaning the value of the property that was used to calculate the gain on the sales is the value at the date of death instead of the actual cost of the property when they bought it 30 years ago. So the value on the date of sale and date of death was about the same, resulting in no gain for tax purposes. She was absolutely delighted to find out that she did not owe any tax. There are some simple questions that you have to ask. When you go through a person’s tax return, the numbers might look correct, but you want to look behind the numbers, because it can make a big difference!

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